Dive into an exciting English learning experience where you can engage in an entertaining knowledge sharing event.

You will get to witness:
– Знаю! Students' TED style presentations
– English improv theater KELT and a musical performance of Grace Garrett
– Guest Speakers: Aisana, Ashim, Rula Raim and Marina Sharipova.
–Networking of Знаю! corporate students from: Kolesa Group, FedEx, Kaspi, Aviata Chocotravel, CWT, Shakh Travel
What is it?
This is an edutainment event, the main purpose of which is to immerse participants in the atmosphere of the English language and knowledge sharing. We want to help you overcome the language barrier, gain a lot of practice, new knowledge and have fun.
For whom?
Знаю! School's corporate students and their colleagues
– will get the certificates and will be able to take photos at a cool branded photo-wall
– will buy Знаю!Shop products with «Лампочки» points, given you for the academic achievements
– will support and root for your colleagues, who are giving the talks
– will get tons of practice
– will get to know English Language theater KELT and a ukulele musician Grace Garrett
will take part and may win in a school big give-away
Top-management and friends from Media
– will witness real progress and results of our students and will have a chance to meet colleagues from other companies where we teach (Aviata, Chocotravel, Kaspi, FedEx, Kolesa Group, Ticketon, TheFroot, BBV, Baker Tilly)
will do a lot of networking
Speakers' friends and family
– will support the speakers
– will have a very good time and will be proud of their relatives/friends giving their public speech
School's followers and interested people
– will get to know who we are and meet the members of our community
– will listen to exciting presentations and talks
– will dive into English Language atmosphere
– will see real results of our students and get a boost of motivation in your Language Learning
Advanced Level Students from companies such as FedEx, M&M, Aviata, Chocotravel, CWT and Kolesa Group will give their TED style talks and share valuable stories, knowledge and experience.

All talks are fully in English.
Mothers are the best managers
Милла (FedEx)
Is it possible to be successful in maternity and carrier as well? Mila gives compelling tips on how to manage your life as a mother and be a successful professional.
Comparing CWT services to restaurants
Тахмина (CWT)
This presentation highlights the most important factors in improving service quality by drawing parallels from HORECA industry.
Is gaming a new form of art?
Бахытжан (FedEx)
Bakhytzhan gives an alternative look on the gaming industry deeming it as a modern type of art. He provides refreshing arguments that draw parallels from different artistic forms of the modern era.
WHEN: scientific secrets of time-management
Асель (Колеса)
Asill will tell you how to become more efficient and what kinds of time-management tecnhiques work from a scientific point of view. Based on Daniel Pink's book.
Paper Art
Екатерина (M&M)
Origami is not just a handmade pass-time activity, it is a unique form of art with an astounding history. Watch Kate's origami masterclass as she unveils the incredible benefits of paper crafts in reducing stress, anxiety and depression.
Product Researches
Карина (Колеса)
Karina will share her many years of experience as a product manager and talk about the basics for those who are just getting into the field.
Laziness - progress factor
Is laziness really that bad? A speaker from Fedex argues that an efficient mindset can be considered lazy in a way. His talk includes interesting researches and personal examples in the field of productivity and how can a "lazy" approach to life initiate progress.
Benefits of Music
Кирилл (Aviata Chocotravel)
A great music enthusiast, Kirill offers some astounding and research-based talk on how music could influence our wellbeing, stimulate, and completely change our surroundings.

Guest Speakers
Entrepreneur и Economics Visionary,
CEO TheFroot,
Rula Raim

Beacon of Kazakshtani Journalism,
CEO The Village Kazakhstan
Aisana Ashim

Founder of I Book You club, bloger,
PR ILoveSuperSport
Marina Sharipova

Musical performance
Grace Garrett
Grace plays the guitar and ukulele songs in English and Kazakh languages. You will be able to sing with her and get a charge of warmth and comfort.

English Language Theater
KELT Playback
The KELT English Theater has been making us happy for over ten years. Playback is their new direction of improvisational theater, where actors play a story that a volunteer from the public tells them. These are amazing, emotional, unique scenes - each performance is different and will not happen again.
Amanzhol Smagulov
CEO, Знаю!
Amanzhol will tell you about how the idea of Знаю!Day evolved into symbolizing school's motto 'English as a tool' and its reincarnation in project based learning.
2019, 6th of April, 12:30, Amphitheater, SmArt.Point
Guest Registration & English Speaking Zone
1st presentations block + talks of Amanzhol Smagulov and Айсаны Ашим
Coffee break & English Speaking Zone
2nd presentations block + talk of Rula Raim
Musical performance of Grace Garrett
3rd presentations block + talk of Marina Sharipova
English Language Theater KELT
English Speaking Zone, photoshoots, closing of the event, prizes
Where and when?
6th of April, 12:30
SmArt.Point, Amphitheater, 2nd Floor
Baisakov str., 280, Almaty Towers
Register for Знаю!Day
Participation in the event is free, but the number of seats is limited. Therefore, prior registration is required. After registration you will receive an invitation letter. Registration also guarantees your participation in the prizes giveaway at the end of the day: backpacks, notebooks, hoodies, free courses, books and tuition discounts.

Students are tired of an approach where English is not perceived as a tool and is only a subject. That is why we believe that PBL (project-based learning), is an approach that motivates learning, pushes boundaries, makes students independent and changes how we look at the learning process. Знаю!Day is the first step towards a big goal, where we want to change the industry. You, the students of the school, will only benefit from it.
Amanzhol Smagulov
Знаю! CEO
Знаю!Day Team
Amanzhol Smagulov
Secondary Curator
School CEO, teacher with 6 years of experience, holder of CELTA certificate. Inspirer of Знаю!Day. Piously believes in PBL. The school plans to transform into the Hub, in which students come and have the opportunity to improve the language in the framework of various projects: public performances, tours for foreigners, video blog, theater performances, interviews with international companies.
Ali Makhmud
Curator and English Language Trainer
A teacher with 5 years of experience, a TKT certificate holder. Ali works with each of the speakers, helping to finalize every little moment of their talks. Karina is actively helping him in this.

Speakers are grateful to Ali for his strong support in the preparation.
Karina Makhmud
Karina organizes everything from the schedule to the event logistics. She is assisted in this by two volunteer students Konstantin Shvatsky, Kaspi product analyst and Assel Sharnazarova, a psychologist and event manager.

Karina is responsible for all the administrative work and successful event - it will be largely her merit.