Your Favorite TV-Shows
Знаю!School has conducted a survey, where you, the audience: our students and social network followers picked their favorite TV-shows. Now we are ready to share the results.

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39/68 votes
Mostly picked with:
– How I Met Your Mother
– Mandalorian
Where to watch?
– Kinopoisk HD
24/68 votes
Mostly picked along with:
– Friends
– Black Mirror
– Breaking Bad
Where to watch?
– Netflix
15/68 votes
Most picked along with:
– Black Mirror
Where to watch?
– Netflix
4th place: Black Mirror, 14 votes

5th place: Mandalorian, 11 votes

6th place: Peaky Blindes, 7 votes

7th place: Breaking Bad, 6 votes

8th place: Rick & Morty, 5 votes

9th place: Stranger Things, 4 votes

10th place: The Office / Ozark, 3 votes
Fun Picks
Some cool TV-shows that you suggested that we forgot or were pleasantly surprised by!
The 'Office' style (like-a-documentary) comedy is a fun ride with hilarious characters. It has this intangible vibe of cool, light-headed and super comforting show. NOICE! SMORT!
Amazon Prime hit is something that we all need somewhere deep down. It's a show where superheroes are jerks and ordinary (kinda) people kill these superheroes. Bloody, gory and super edgy.
The booming hit. Not a lot o people in Знаю!Team have seen the show, but we all decided to binge-watch it this weekend.
All-time classic. It's closely knitted to our teenage memories of anyone who was growing up in 2000s. Especially with the unforgettable MTV Russian translation. Although plenty of people tend to say that the translation feels funnier, don't believe that. The original has 10x times more jokes and word puns.
New words from
the article
Learn these words before reading and revise after.
To conduct a survey – провести исследование
The audience – аудитория
Share the results – поделиться результатами
To pick – выбрать
A fun ride – веселая поездка (метафора про что-то, что проходит весело, не замечая как пролетает время)
Hilarious – очень смешной
Intangible – неосязаемый
Light-headed – легкомысленный
Comforting – утешительный (еще говорят про то, что успокаивает, придает какого-то оптимизма во время, как, например, карантин)
Booming hit – хит, набирающий популярность
To binge-watch – смотреть залпом
Deep down – где-то глубоко внутри
Jerks – подонок
Ordinary – обычный
Bloody – кровавый
Gory – кровопролитный
Edgy – на грани
Knitted – крепко связанный
Unforgettable – незабываемый
Plenty of – много (чего-то)
Tend to do something – иметь тенденцию что-то делать, делать что-то обычно
Word pun – игра слов